Exploring the Infinite Possibilities of Web3, Gaming, and NFTs

Infinite Crusade DAO, a decentralized organization on a relentless pursuit of innovation and exploration.

Infinite Crusade


Our mission is to pioneer a new era in digital entertainment. We are committed to crafting an immersive, community-driven ecosystem that seamlessly integrates blockchain technology, NFTs, and gaming. This fusion redefines your digital world experience. With our diverse NFT models, unique skins, and exhilarating games, we empower our community to explore uncharted territories, unlock boundless rewards, and be part of a revolutionary movement.


Our vision is to lead in shaping the future of digital experiences. We aim to create a world where adventure knows no bounds, and where our community members are at the forefront of every innovation. Envision a realm infused with elegance, mystery, and a hint of medieval magic, where NFT models, skins, and pets are not just digital assets, but come vividly to life. Here, the journey is as rewarding as the destination itself. Driven by our commitment to transparency, trust, and active community engagement, we invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey. Together, we will transform the digital world into a place of endless possibilities.


exclusive access


Only 3333 pieces of the top-tier NFT Pass are available. It's a true collector's item, and you'll be among the privileged few to own this stylish gem.


Infinite Crusade DAO is already in full swing, constantly enhancing the gaming experience for our users. We're not just building games; we're crafting the future. Our vision includes creating a groundbreaking MMORPG on web3 and an RPG where everyone can participate and engage. To our NFT pass holders, get ready to enjoy your well-deserved royalties and exclusive items.

unique item


Elevate your gaming experience with NFT Pass-exclusive items that set you apart and add excitement. Engage in thrilling player vs. player battles, embark on adventurous quests, and customize your character to reflect your style. It's all about having a great time, your way. Join us today!


Embark On An epic adventure with the Infinite Crusade DAO MMROPG, A browser-based multiplayer game set in a sprawling, immersive world. Drawing inspiration from diablo 3, this turn-based game offers players the chance to delve into dungeons, conquer powerful foes, engage in intense PVP battles, and experience thrilling raids. But that’s not all- Players can also nurture their companions through pet grooming, adding a unique twist to the traditional MMROPG Experience.



Dive into the world of Infinite Crusade DAO and tap into a steady flow of royalties. When you own an Infinite Crusade NFT, you're securing more than just a digital asset; you're accessing a persistent source of income from our varied and vibrant ecosystem. With our NFTs, earn royalties across all our platforms – from the high-energy thrills of our Running Game and the rich, engaging world of our MMORPG to the exhilarating experiences in our cutting-edge Casino. Every aspect of Infinite Crusade DAO is crafted to provide not only entertainment but also tangible financial benefits for our NFT holders. Your investment in our NFTs opens doors to a realm where the excitement of gaming converges with regular monetary gains. Embrace this opportunity and make your digital assets yield returns in the innovative landscape of Infinite Crusade DAO.


Q1 2024


  • Community Building: Launch a series of interactive social media campaigns to grow and engage the community.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Forge partnerships with key players in the blockchain and gaming industries..
  • Initial Infinite Crusade DAO NFT Offering: Release of 3333 Unique 4k Quality NFTs on Solana Blockchain.

Q2 2024


  • Launch of The Infinite Crusade DAO P2E Runner Game: Official release of Infinite Crusade DAO Play To Earn Runner Game. Players can enjoy the game and fight for leaderboard rankings. NFT owners get increased gold generation and other perks within a game.
  • Updated Dashboard Deployment: Deploy new dashboard with leaderboard rankings, browser P2E Runner Game, NFT activites and Deployment of Token Farm.
  • MMORPG Trailer Creation: Creation of the MMORPG trailer to spread awareness about the project among gamers and investors.

Q3 2024


  • Intense Marketing & Collaborations: United with community and partners push the limits and spread awareness about Project, Token, NFT and Game building.
  • NFT Marketplace Dashboard Update: Official launch of NFT Marketplace of in-game assets within the Dashboard.
  • MMORPG Development Kick-Off: Full developers focus on creation MMORPG game Beta within 6 months. Implementation of heroes and models within the game.

Q4 2024


  • MMORPG Alpha Release: Alpha testing with community of the MMORPG created, backtests and suggestions implementation.
  • Voting & Governance within Infinite Crusade DAO: Community governance on major movements, spendings and development direction.
  • Crosschain Project Expansion: Expand project Further on other Blockchains. Implementation of WEN standards to Infinite Crusade DAO NFT Genesis Collection.